Sunday, 29 April 2012

Work on Henry Jenkins to do on April 30th

1. What are Henry Jenkins’ ideas about how the media landscape is changing?

2. What is ‘convergence culture’?

3. How are Jenkins’ ideas similar to those of David Gauntlett and Michael Wesch?

4. How might we disagree with Jenkins’ utopian ideas about the media? (Answering this question may require some independent thought – be very afraid.)

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Due in Thursday 4.5.12 - h/l +independent study

- Write your essay on: Discuss the use you have made of Media Language in one of your media products (Q1b). (Remember that's the only topic that hasn't come up yet)

- Redraft / Improve some of your other essays that have been marked. PLEASE INDICATE WHERE / WHAT YOU ARE REDRAFTING.

- Continue reading / watching relevant materials for your We Media question. Make use of Students from other centres do - and find it useful (I've been told) - so why not all of you? It will make all the difference in the end, particularly if you're aiming for a top grade (which you should all do).

- Have a look at the great REVISION documents I have posted below. Consolidate and extend your learning.

Have a good week!

Revision, Consolidation, Extension - Representation

Handy handout from Long Road Media:

Revision and Clarification - Ideology and Hegemony

This Prezi is to the point and a good way to go over these tricky terms. Prezi produced by Mrs Black from another centre.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Reminders for Thusday 26.4.12

- Complete your Representation essay (Q1b)
- Plan in detail your Media Language essay (Q1b)
- Re-read and complete your notes on the Media Mag articles
- Use (link above) to extend your learning and your understanding of your case studies.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Work for Period 5 Monday 23rd April

Back to the online age again:

1. According to this video, what was the music industry like in the 90s and how has it changed more recently?
2. What are curators (such as Pitchfork and Hypemachine)? What is their role? Why are they important?
3. How can you link what this video says about creativity (in video-making, in particular) to David Gauntlett's ideas and to the theory of the long tail?

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Clay Shirky - Guardian interview

Clay Shirky: 'Every time a new technology comes along to increase distribution the affected industries flip out' - video
Clay Shirky talks to Alan Rusbridger about the attempts to pass legislation in the US congress to control the spread of copyrighted content and the spontaneous protest movement against it

This extract is also great: watch it!
Clay Shirky on newspaper pay models: 'We are renegotiating the relationship between reader and publication' - video

Clay Shirky speaks to Alan Rusbridger about the range of newspaper pay models in the UK and US. Shirky claims the fight between US newspaper publications is no longer over the business model but how they manage the relationship and what the readers do in response

Finally... Clay Shirky: watch the interview in full - video

Clay Shirky speaks to Alan Rusbridger at the Guardian's Open Weekend festival. The web guru discusses the battles in the US over online censorship, the difficulty of newsrooms dealing with increasingly large quantities of data and a new generation of journalists re-inventing the methods of reporting