Monday, 23 January 2012

Homework for Monday 30th January

The internet stands accused of having a negative effect on the world.

In groups of three, you are going to put the internet on trial. One person will be the defendant (i.e., the internet), one will be the prosecution, and one the defence. Come to the lesson fully prepared. Your performance will be filmed.

Group 1: Yasmin, Nimesh, Hemel
Group 2: Khushel, Matthew, Raju
Group 3: Shreyaa, Omar, Josh
Group 4: Devki, Manan, David

Try to cover more than just pros and cons of the web. Bring in some of the larger, more philosophical questions that we introduced in today's lesson.

Some questions to get you thinking:
Has the web really revolutionised the media (and society)?

Does the web promote democracy?
Has the web taken power from the old media elites (David Gauntlett's "Gods") and given power to the people?
Has the web simply given power to new unaccountable elites (like Google and Facebook)?
Should the web be regulated and controlled, and what are the dangers here?
Can the web be used to reshape and revolutionise society as a whole?

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