Friday, 11 January 2013

MOCK REVISION - January 2013 (Part 2 - Question 1b)

Question 1b) - Analysing one of your production pieces focusing on the key concept of AUDIENCE
Here are a few reminders about the theories we have looked at and further materials to allow you to get ahead.

Here is Pete Fraser's advice:


Every media product has to have an audience, otherwise in both a business sense and probably an artistic sense too it would be judged a failure. In your projects, you will undoubtedly have been looking at the idea of a target audience- who you are aiming it at and why; you should also have taken feedback from a real audience in some way at the end of the project for your digital evaluation, which involves finding out how the audience really ‘read’ what you had made. You were also asked at AS to consider how your product addressed your audience- what was it about it that particularly worked to ‘speak’ to them? All this is effectively linked to audience theory which you then need to reference and apply. Here are some links to some starting points for theories:

general intro

presentation on reception theory

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