Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Section B: Revise and consolidate - Make links

This is a re-posting of a revision / exam prep exercise that we did last year on We Media. It is an exercise that focuses you on one of your chosen 'media areas' and forces you to link everything together. It is a kind of oral rehearsal of your essay.  Have a look first:

Here is the first part of a response to the question about the extent to which new media can enrich democracy, by Josh and Matthew.
They focused on the Social networking / citizen journalism angle which could be the first half (or 2/3) of the essay.

The boys are very clear and specific in places but less certain or vague in others. Also, there are a few more theory 'ingredients' that could be added and a mention of blogs.

Help create the ultimate answer by adding your comments below in response to what you hear.
What is good and why?
What is vague and needs clarification?
What's missing?
What could have been linked differently?
What theory could have been included and applied to the examples?

Of course you don't have to address all the above questions but make a start where you think it's most needed.

Now is your turn. Two pairs to focus on Video-sharing platform and participatory culture. Two pairs to focus on music industry in the online age.

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