Saturday, 18 February 2012

Due in on Thursday 23.2.12

Complete your essay: Are the media becoming more democratic?
--> Use at least 2 case studies and make sure to mention hegemony and public sphere. You could quote Clay Shirky or anyone else we have come across (Papacharissi etc.), or anyone from the articles and videos we have provided.
Intro should offer an overview of the arguments.

VERY FEW OF YOU HAVE PICKED UP THE NOTES AND ARTICLES. IF YOU STILL HAVEN'T, THEY'RE IN THE POD... The 4 recommended articles are all compulsory reading from the Media Mag. You can find them online from the English and Media Centre, once you've logged in, in the archives (they're all from the February 2012 issue). Aim to have read all 4 over the next couple of weeks.

Read/ Watch recommended links (see Twitter feed and below) or find your own links and embed links and add comments in your own blogs.

Folders / independent study check. (please make sure you bring it- some of you did not have it last time- Negative Referral if missing again).

Watch this:

You can go over this very useful summary of what we mean by Hegemony.
The last slide suggests that New Media is a way of challenging hegemonic forces by allowing a new flourish of plurality. Of course, as an A2 student, you have to consider to what extent this is the case.

And of course, you need to show that you understand how the emergence of New Media challenges what happens when traditional media dominate. I showed you this short clip to make the point. Look at it again!

Below is a great TED talk about the Digital Divide. This is clearly a criticism of the idea that New Media is a force for democracy; some people are "digitally excluded". The first 5 minutes make the point.

Finally, if you haven't yet watched the Clay Shirky documentary, DO IT NOW. You're very likely to quote him in your essay so... here is the link again.
Us Now - Clay Shirky

PS: A good explanation of the Public Sphere: (pay attention to the last 2 minutes for essay ideas on the Public Sphere and the Internet)

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