Saturday, 4 February 2012

Two Tasks due for Monday 20th February

You will hopefully have time to begin work on these tasks in the second lesson on Monday 6th February. Both tasks are due on Monday 20th February (the first day back after the half-term break).

Task One

Show your understanding of David Gauntlett's ideas on your blog. Use these questions to help you:

1. According to Gauntlett, what was "the media" like in the past and what changes have now occurred?

2. How far do you agree with Gauntlett?

3. How might Gauntlett's ideas be applied to the music industry?

Post your work in the form of writing or a video or something else...

Task Two

Prepare a "music industry in the online age" case study and be ready to present your findings to the class on Monday 20th February. Your case study could focus on an artist (e.g., Lana del Rey), a website or service (e.g., Spotify or Rara), a practice (e.g., downloading or streaming), a problem (e.g., piracy)...It's up to you, but try to make your case study as up-to-date as possible. (No Lily Allen or Arctic Monkeys.)

In your case study, try to refer to some or all of these points:
- the impact of online media on the music industry and how the industry has changed from the past;
- the impact of online media on the production and distribution of music;
- how consumer behaviour and audience response has changed;
- how technological convergence has affected the industry.

Your presentation can be in the form of a video, a poster, a photo montage, or anything else you like. Be creative. If you choose to do a Powerpoint or a Prezi, do not read off the screen.

Try to bring some theory into your case study (e.g., Gauntlett's ideas).

Browse some of the links below to get you started if you're stuck:
Spotify’s Daniel Ek: Music industry 'entering golden age'
The Difference Between the Music Industry & The Recording Industry
IFPI digital report: annual music download revenues top $5bn for first time
Spotify now has 3 million paying customers
STOP COMPLAINING! Study Shows New Era Of Abundance In Music, Entertainment [INFOGRAPHIC]
Digital Music Piracy Since 2004 [INFOGRAPHIC]
The Civil Wars' Success Formula: Live Shows + Social Media + Music Placements
And the "20 things you must know about Music Online" link on the right!
Or simply click on the HYPEBOT.COM link above to find good case studies.

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