Thursday, 2 February 2012

Reminder - Due in Thursday 9.2.11

After such a fruitful discussion, it's time to practise putting ideas to paper.

1. Complete the essay started in lesson. The mark scheme can also be found in earlier post.
If there is a problem, see me BEFORE Thursday. You all made a good start so I am looking forward to reading your finished pieces.
If you were absent, find out from your peers or from me BEFORE Thursday.

2. Some of your mini-docs due in last week are not yet embedded in your blogs. MAKE SURE IT IS DONE ASAP.

3. Independent study - Notes from the article I gave you in class 2 lessons ago (there are questions to address on the last page) - Either in your folder or posted on your blog please. Raju and Nimesh, I have your copies in the English office. Please pick them up.

THE A STUDENT: Any interesting article(s) you come across can be linked on your blog with a couple of bullet points summing up topic/argument. Might be about the use of Social Media (maybe Facebook or Twitter specifically) during the Arab Spring or something more specific you want to use as a case study/example.
You could also watch and embed the other parts of the 'How Facebook Changed the World /The Arab Spring' documentary in your blog - Time wisely spent!

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